Today is the day we reveal our Scavenger Hunt Project. Below is a picture of the sample in Traditional and in Brights (kits may have a slight variation with a fabric)

Picture of Batik sample not available as was a later addition

We hope you have enjoyed looking for our blocks and if you have had any issues please let us know as we will gladly provide the patterns to you at no charge until the end of June

Today's final hint to locate our Home Block Pattern brings you to Fabrics. As a quilter there is a rule many of us follow "Measure Twice". When you have located the correct fabric line you will find the pattern link at the bottom left corner under the picture.

Hope you enjoyed participating in our Scavenger Hunt and navigating through our website--we are looking forward to you sharing your projects that you have put together with our blocks

Thank you also to QuiltyStar for developing the pattern for us and all our other assistants who helped make this project a reality that we could share with you during Quilt Canada.

Stay safe and Happy Quilting!!


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Todays hint for the Scavenger Hunt brings you to Patterns and Books--with that being said we are the Quilters Barn and Gifts and Milkcans can always be found in a barn but ours will be in a pattern form. When you find the correct pattern the link will be at the bottom left corner. Happy Searching!!

Below is picture of the first 2 blocks in Bright and Traditional Colors as per kit--some variations of fabrics may occur

Bright Colorway

Traditional Colorway

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Welcome to Quilters Barn and Gifts! Hope everyone is enjoying Quilt Canada. For those who have been participating in our Scavenger Hunt and for those who are just starting out, this is meant to be a fun way to learn to navigate through our website, but we admit it has been a learning curve for us also and I promise we are not trying to frustrate you. The goal is and was 4 Days, 4 Blocks and 1 Great Project!! Each day the clue for locating the block will be found in View Store Announcements. On Saturday we will also post a Sashing and Border Pattern to put your four blocks together to make a beautiful project approx 48" x 48". We do have complete fabric kits available for this project in 3 colorways--limited numbers available. They are called the Scavenger Hunt Project and can be purchased online. They will contain all 4 blocks, the finishing instructions and fabrics for the project top, borders, sashings and bindings. No backing included. They are available to order now for $99.95/each--we have traditional, bright, and yes, we added a third since our initial plan which is batiks Pattern will retail post event for $12.95 but is yours free until the end of June. The blocks which have been revealed are Block 1 Leaf Block found on the Panel My Canada--you will see the words Leaf Block under the picture on the bottom left corner this is the link to the pattern. Block 2 Wild Geese found on the Sapphire Blossoms Fat Quarter Bundle--again the words Wild Geese will be under the picture on the bottom left corner. If you're having any problems, as we realize some devices may present differently, please feel free to contact us at free pattern is our gift to you for taking the time to look through our website and have some fun! Happy Quilting and enjoy the show!! Beth

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