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Quilt As You Go --7 Techniques with Marie-Claire

In this class you will learn 7 techniques to assemble your quilt section by section--the advantages of each of the different techniques, how to choose the best technique for the results you wish and how to adapt a regular pattern into a QAYG for stunning results

It is difficult to squeeze a large quilt through the opening of a sewing machine and you dont want to pay for quilting and want the satisfaction of saying you completed the quilt from  start to finish.

Have no fear!!  These techniques will make it possible to quilt your own quilt!! And the satisfaction of completing the project from the beginning to the end

During the workshop, you will make a sample of each of the techniques so that you can make a binder for future reference of each method

Instructor Name:
Marie-Claire Charette

Quilt As You Go --7 Techniques with Marie-Claire

$ 75.00
$75 plus supplies
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