COVID-19 Update

To All Our Valued Customers.

At Quilters Barn and Gifts our priority is keeping our valued customers, staff, family, and community safe. As we are all learning each day, every hour things are changing with COVID-19. We continue to monitor what is being told to us and taking everything into consideration. It is very difficult to attempt to make the right decision. It is even harder as we do not have an online option.

Effective immediately we will begin decreasing our hours to 10-3, today(Wed) and tomorrow(Thurs) As we are remaining open at present we will limit the number of customers. This way we can ensure our Social Distancing. Classes have been canceled, along with the Ruler of the Month for the moment. I will be sending emails to all classes for the next couple of weeks as we evaluate on a daily basis.

We realize quilting will be a therapy for many of us and we hope to be able to continue to provide the necessary items to let you proceed with this as much as we can safely. I am hoping to start shopping by appointments (to be booked through email please)starting Friday--shopping with the store to yourself and a friend if you wish. Additionally, we will be posting pictures of fabric lines and kits for you to work with, we will ask you to send emails and we will arrange a time you may pick up your parcel when you know what you need.

We will continue to increase our cleaning and wiping down those most used areas on a regular basis to keep areas free from germs as much as possible.

We are also asking anyone who is exhibiting symptoms or knows they have been in contact with the virus to refrain from visiting us at this time, or if you have just returned from international travel.

If you are not comfortable coming in I totally understand and look forward to seeing you once this all settles. This is our plan for the moment but it can change at any time.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We will all work together to do our best through this difficult time

Stay safe, Happy Quilting!


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