Opening to Appointments, Curbside Pickup Continues Also

Hello to All

As the Ontario Government has indicated, we will be able to reopen on Tuesday, May 19 if we are prepared. With this being said, we must continue to follow social distancing rules and other rules to maintain the safety of you our clients, myself and my staff and also our community. Whether it be our great little village of Russell or our quilting community, safety is our priority!

On your arrival you will continue to find our door locked, please do not be insulted by this as this will be how we can monitor who is in store. Just knock--if the lights are on I am in the store.

Till the end of May we will follow 10-3, Tues-Sat

Effective Tuesday, we will be booking appointments for your shopping experience. If you decide to meet with a friend or family member, keep in mind no more than 3 persons can be in your group. Your own private shopping experience.

If you decide not to book an appointment but just take your chances --please keep in mind if someone is already booked at that time we will not be able to allow you to come in--appointments will take priority.

We have put plexi-glass in place in front of our cutting table and cash area. We are requesting that everyone who comes in the store must wear a mask on entering and for the duration of your time in store. We also ask that as you enter store you sanitize your hands which we will have available to you.

There will be no cash exchanges-- all payments must be done with credit card, debit card or etransfer.

We will be doing frequent wipedowns of contact surfaces instore also for the protection of all.

If you have been experiencing any symptoms or know you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19,we ask you to postpone your visit until you can say you have been clear for the 14 days.

We will continue with curbside pickup for those who prefer and our online store is available 24/7 with more items being added all the time.

We are always open to any questions or suggestions you may have.

Please note these measures are being reevaluated on a regular basis. Appointments will be the way until the end of May.

Stay safe, stay healthy and Happy Quilting!!


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