Reopening by appointment

Happy Family Day Weekend to All!

Hoping all are keeping cuddled up and warm in your quilts that you have been working on over the last several months--it sure is cold out!

We are pleased to announce we will be reopening on February 16 in the Orange as indicated by our health unit (EOHU).

With this being said we want to do this safely for our clients, employees, families and community.

We all need to work together to make this successful which means everyone's cooperation will be required

What we will be doing to provide you with a safe visit

1. We will begin by booking appointments between 10-4 on Tues-Friday and Saturday 10-3

By doing this we are hoping to eliminate anyone having to wait outside or in their cars and also being sure you will be able to get in when you come

Along with if you are meeting up with someone that you will both be able to get in at the same time(so please identify if you are more than 1 person attending

this appointment)-best way to book is by sending email to and we will confirm time

2. Limiting numbers instore to 3 at a time

3. If you are wishing to have no one else instore at time of your visit you will need to identify and we will arrange a specific time for you

4. Everyone must wear mask covering nose, mouth and chin while instore--Hand sanitize on arrival and departure--Maintain 2m social distancing

5. Please do not be insulted our door remains locked --on arrival ring bell or knock and we will let you in

Please do not visit if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms--this is for everyones safety


difficulty breathing

new onset of cough,chills

difficulty swallowing

unexplained fatigue, headache

pink eye

sore throat

digestive issues(nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain)

runny nose

stuffy or congested nose

lost sense of taste or smell

6. Please also do not visit if you know you have been exposed to COVID-19-please delay until you know it is safe to do so

7. We prefer payments be by credit card or interac--tap is wonderful

8. Surfaces will be wiped between clients

9. Recommend washing fabrics when you take home

We look forward to your visit and catching up with you,

Happy Quilting and Stay Safe!!


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