Welcome to 2021!

We are looking forward to being part of your quilt therapy for this upcoming year and being able to provide you with fabrics, notions and inspiration for your new projects

At this time we are closed but do remain available for curbside pickup so please do not hesitate to send emails, facebook messages or check our online site at

Our goal of continuing to add projects and fabrics to our site has resumed and at this time we can say the majority of the Christmas fabrics and kits are now available online with savings of up to 50%. A great time to pick up backings for kits already purchased or to pick up some new projects to have to work on during this winter for next holiday season.

We are also planning on providing a social media clip by facebook every couple of weeks providing updates of new fabric arrivals, notions and any events we may have going on

Please have patience with us during this time as it is new to me for sure and would not be available if not for my daughters, Kara and Kaitlyn's assistance to provide such.

Cheers to a New Year and new projects.


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